Bespoke Metalwork


A "Voysey" weathervane, handformed in copperA Weathervane designed by Charles Voysey, beautifully handcrafted in Copper.

In addition to the car restoration side of the business.  We are often approached and asked to consider projects of a completely different nature.  Utilizing our old world craftsmanship, we have been able to create some stunning pieces of bespoke metalwork from either steel, copper, brass and aluminium.

Shaun hand crafted an exact copy of a work by Charles Voysey, an English architect and furniture designer, which enabled the original piece to be displayed in a museum.  The weathervane designed by Voysey was hand formed in copper.   Currently we are fabricating a bespoke range of copper sinks for a luxury kitchen market and some of our previous works include working with top interior designers to produce some fabulous one off pieces of art and furniture.

If you have a project in mind, please give Shaun a call for an informal chat.