Vintage Car Restoration

Shaun tig welding dzus brackets to improve a period special race car

The Art of Coachbuilding and Car restoration

The majority of cars that we have worked on were originally hand-crafted by    highly skilled tradesmen, who were artisans in their own right.   From the initial concept on the drawing board, through the framing and finally the panelling, using either aluminium or in some cases the bodies were covered in fabric.

Working closely with some of the last of these tradesmen has given Shaun an insight into the old traditions and tricks of the trade, which incorporates fabricating his own specialized tools in order to keep those traditions alive and allows him to produce some of the finest coachworks and elegance using modern methods only to enhance his work.

Shaun has received the Aon award for individual excellence and takes great pride passing on his knowledge and experience to the future generations that pass through his workshop.